About Home of the Brave

Soldiers’ Angels Home of the Brave is a campaign that works directly with Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service (VAVS) and corporate partners to provide employees and employers the opportunity to show their gratitude for veterans on or around Veterans Day.

Our Mission

To honor and show gratitude to every generation of Veteran for the sacrifices

made in service to our country.



The campaign began in 2012 as a corporate social responsibility activity for the employees of Hewlett Packard. The passionate employee who established the campaign in 2012 brought the program with her to Perspecta when it was formed in 2018. She and hundreds of co-workers have supported and honored 165,242 veterans and counting since its inception nearly a decade ago. The campaign provided much-needed items to veterans at VA facilities and to the homeless veteran population with the mission to thank those we owe for our freedom. Since then, the program has evolved into an annual campaign that allows hundreds of employees from some of the country's largest corporations to participate and show their gratitude.

Over the years, many other great corporate partners have joined the Home of the Brave campaign to support our veterans, including: Perspecta, Bristol Myers Squibb, and Amazon Web Services..


In 2019, during the course of just one week, Soldiers' Angels Home of the Brave supported and honored 22,761 veteran patients around the country. This incredible effort provided $93,505 in total donations to VA's. The successful campaign was carried out by 650 company volunteers across 41 states, plus Puerto Rico, in 100 VA Medical sites. Volunteers worked over 4,400 hours in just one week to help carry out the mission of Home of the Brave.

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"This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as

it is the home of the brave."

Elmer Davis